Welcome to the third edition of Progressive Web App newsletter!

This week we start with what could be considered the battle cry of the PWA world: Native App Are Doomed by Eric Elliott. Eric makes the compelling case that it is only a matter of time before native apps fade away, being wholly replaced by installable web applications. Whether or not you agree with the title, this is a great read for any developer concerned about the future of the web.

Next, we have an excellent summary by Team Treehouse on how to make your web app look awesome when added to the home screen of an iOS device. The process is still quite manual, but Matt West's guide is thorough and helpful.

Lastly, Dean Hume wraps up a list of production PWAs to check out: everyone from Washington Post to Twitter. My favorite? Paper Planes, a beautiful example of what PWAs are capable of (though Topple Trump is a close second... for different reasons).

Thanks for reading! Reply to this email at any time and let me know your biggest challenges while learning about PWAs. I would love to hear from you.