There's nothing worse than fanboyism.

If you're a beginner web developer, it's easy to get onboard with any and every hype train. You read an article about how awesome a new framework or library is, and your mind lights up with everything you could build with it.

Then, when you actually start building, you realize the little problems. Framework X is good at Y, but not at Z. It's easy to do this, but a pain in the ass to do that (which was WAY easier in Framework Y).

Point is, there are no silver bullets or magic technologies in software development. And while I'm firmly aboard the PWA hype train—in that I believe in their potential to drastically improve user experiences on the web—it's always good to take a moment and acknowledge the current problems.

Enter our first article of the week: "Apple’s refusal to support Progressive Web Apps is a detriment to future of the web" by Greg Blass. An honest take on the current state of PWAs, especially in view of Apple's absence from the scene.

Blass' article also doubles as "Things people never tell you about developing a PWA... until you start." A must-read if you're considering a PWA at your work.

Follow that up with the other side of equation: a dose of optimism from Samsung Internet Developers in "Here’s what you get for free with a Progressive Web App." Short and sweet.

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