Welcome to the 8th issue of PWA newsletter.

Want to dive deeper into service workers, and figure out the best ways to use them? We got you covered—first with a fantastic beginner tutorial from Samsung Internet Developers, then with TalAter's repo awesome-service-workers, full of resources and guides.

If you're more interested in performance, and the best ways to track your app's speed, check out Smashing Magazine's introduction to the RAIL metric—a human-focused approach to performance.

As for PWAs in the wild... first, let Google show you how they built their PWA for their I/O conference in 2016. Then, Syed Faraaz Ahmad explains how PWAs might save Microsoft. We end our article roundup with a bit of a downer—how the Oreo update for Android guts some PWA features, though there is hope for the future.

Thanks for reading. As always, for any questions or comments, just hit reply.